> institutional structure

The Centre’s structure reflects its three central tasks:


       Engagement and Facilitation

       Innovative and Issue-focused Security and Conflict Analysis

       Strategic Alliances and Cooperation with other Think Tanks and Practitioners


The EPCentre is the brainchild of experts in the field that saw a need to develop an innovative and cooperative work environment that is process oriented.  The centre provides organisational support to highly motivated and skilled individuals and benefits from their initiatives, networks and skills.EPCentre brings together experts from different fields and backgrounds, both  on an ad-hoc basis and based on established relationships. On this basis the centre is highly adaptable to new fields of work, ideas and is able meet cooperation partners' needs, by jointly developing new approaches and solutions. Thus, managing engagement begins inside our organisation in order to be able to create creative and practical solutions.

Based on our experience of engaging with conflict parties, the EPCentre has defined its entry point into conflict and political affairs by providing a platform for informal exchange and track diplomacy. Both, in international and intra-state conflict, the EPCentre will prepare all parties involved, develop the conceptual groundwork for processes, provide continued support during the process. For this matter we involve specialists in specific issue areas.