The Engagement Policy Centre (EPCentre) is an independent, non-profit and policy-oriented Think Tank. Our key mission is to assist international rapprochement and facilitate efforts to transform conflicts by means of dialogue facilitation, mediation and Track Diplomacy.

The EPCentre's activities are supported by its research wing that provides a conceptual basis for our work. Traditional engagement and confidence-building approaches need to be reviewed and adapted to new challenges. In rapidly changing conflict environments, lessons learned from the past need to be critically examined against the backdrop of each particular conflict situation. We are conducting thorough research and analysis into the status quo in conflicts, the progression of post-conflict peace building, and develop approaches to engagement, trust-building and road-mapping for peace processes.  The analysis of new security challenges is an essential part of fostering an institutional learning environment within a practical policy think-tank.

Complex conflicts and regions that find themselves continuously trapped in cycles of violence can only be dealt with on the basis of sound relationships with key stakeholders and parties. Developing and maintaining networks that go beyond immediate issue of concern is the rock bed of good international engagement. In its support of international engagement policies, the EPCentre undertakes continuous efforts to maintain and establish its international contacts network. In order to achieve best results, the EPCentre also continues to strive for greater cooperation with other Think Thanks and experts. Pooling expertise and making joint efforts in support of policy-making processes and international engagement efforts are important, where cross-cutting issues demand for cooperation.


Established in 2016 in Berlin, Germany, EPCentre is built on decades of international experience in analysis, facilitation and advice.